Drilling and Completions in Tight Oil Reservoirs

Program Objectives

This course deals with drilling and completion practices in tight oil reservoirs. Best practices for drilling are covered along with horizontal well technology. Hydraulic fracturing techniques to design and evaluate fracture treatments in tight reservoirs will be discussed. The requirements to plan, design, implement, and monitor hydraulic fractures will be covered in detail. Strategies for risk mitigation for horizontal wells will be discussed. 
Course Outline
Drilling best practices

Horizontal wells
  • Rate and recovery benefits
  • Drilling considerations
  • Well completions
Hydraulic fracturing overview
  • Rate and recovery benefits
  • Physics of fracturing process
Fracture orientation
  • Optimum drilling direction for horizontal wells
  • Effect on design of fracture treatment
Multi-frac technology
  • Well completions for placement of multiple fractures
  • Pumping procedures

Fracture design
  • Fracturing fluids and additives
  • Modeling fracture growth
Fracture monitoring
  • Instrumentation during job
  • QC procedures
  • Estimating fracture geometry