Well Site Geology

Program Objectives

This 5-day course is intended for geologists that either have no previous well site experience or those that have no recent experience in well site geology. Emphasis is placed on providing the well site geologist with a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities pertaining to the overall drilling operation both in the office and on the drilling rig. Participants will gain knowledge in preparing for a drilling operation, obtaining the best quality data during the drilling operation, providing onsite leadership, coordinating with other disciplines involved in the drilling operation and summarizing results at the end of drilling program.
Course Outline
Day 1
  • Office Preparation & Rig Operations 
    • Read and Understand drilling prognosis 
    • Confirm lines of communication 
    • Understand responsibilities, duties and authority 
    • Confirm casing depths, logging and coring program 
    • Organize well site supplies, clothing and personal safety equipment 
    • Obtain offset well logs and report forms 
    • Arrange for travel to rig and accommodation 
    • Meet with Drilling Department personnel at office 
    • Meet with drilling supervisor / company man on rig 
    • Establish working space available on rig for Geologist 
    • Understand required rig safety procedures 
Day 2
  • Mud Logging (ML) Operations 
    • Supervision of Mud Logging personnel
    • Meet with ML personnel and review sample collection procedures 
    • Gain understanding of mud logging equipment and measurements
    • Confirm regular calibration of equipment 
    • Discussion of drilling objectives 
    • Establish and discuss daily reporting requirements

Day 3
  • Coring Operations, Reporting and Coordination 
    • Preparation of Daily Geological Report 
    • Ensuring proper collection of cuttings samples 
    • Coordinate all Coring Operations 
    • Communication with onsite and office supervisors 
    • Informing drilling supervisor of potential drilling problems 
    • Be aware of all changes to drilling program 
Day 4
  • Drilling Technology and Logging While Drilling (LWD) Operations
    • Gain expertise in drilling operations through observation 
    • Understand roles & responsibilities of all personnel 
    • Provide information to drilling supervisor as required 
    • Ensure that all LWD data is being collected & distributed 
    • Check to be sure LWD data is incorporated in Mud Log 
Day 5
  • Logging Operations & Data Collection
    • Supervise open hole logging operations
    • Provide quality control of well logs with repeat sections 
    • Coordinate distribution of digital & hard copy log data to office 
    • Sign off on logging operation at end of job 
    • Ensure that all data collected at wellsite is in correct format 
    • Preparation of composite log and final reports in office 
  • Exam