Formation Evaluation

Program Objectives

This comprehensive introductory course is designed to provide solid understanding of the most commonly used open-hole logs and interpretation methods. Participants will gain the foundation, experience and techniques to read and interpret each log for evaluating reservoir parameters such as lithology, porosity and saturation. Participants will learn how to analyze a log suite and come up with interpretation and suggestions through extensive exercises and team work.

Participants will be able to apply logs in their daily work to solve problems in well completion, perforation, and production. Participants will learn: 
  • The physics of modern logging tools 
  • The constraints and limitations of logs operating in the borehole environment 
  • Electrical, radioactive and acoustic properties of the reservoir rocks 
  • Determination of mineralogy and porosity using density, neutron and sonic logs 
  • The application of matrix sensitive logs, SP, GR, SGR, Pe 
  • Calculation of water saturation using different models 
  • Identification of hydrocarbon types 
  • Quick pinpoint of hydrocarbons using overlay and cross-plots 
  • Advances in well logging technology
Course Outline
Day 1
  • Formation Evaluation Basics 
    • Introduction 
    • Basic Petrophysical Parameters 
    • Invasion Profile and Challenge of Borehole Petrophysics 
    • Archie’s Equations, Shaly Sand Sw Models 
    • Formation Evaluation Procedures and Guidelines 
Day 2
  • Shale Indicator Logs and Interpretation 
    • Clay Types and Distribution 
    • SP Log 
    • GR and SGR Logs 
    • Vshale Determination 
Day 3
  • Lithology-Porosity Logs and Interpretation
    • Formation Bulk Density 
    • Neutron Logs 
    • Sonic Logs 
    • Porosity in Clean Formation 
    • Porosity in Shaly Formation 
    • Cross-Plots and Mineralogy Identification Plots 
    • Permeability Correlations

Day 4
  • Resistivity Logs and Interpretation
    • Normal Tools and Minilogs 
    • Laterologs 
    • Induction Logs 
    • Water Resistivity Determination 
    • Resistivity-Porosity Cross-Plot 
    • Water Saturation In Clean Formations 
    • Water Saturation in Shaly Formations 
Day 5
  • Overlay Techniques and Advanced Logs 
    • Permeable Zone Discrimination 
    • Linear Movable Hydrocarbon Plot 
    • Logarithmic Movable Hydrocarbon Plot 
    • Gas Identification 
    • Formation Volume Analysis 
    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) 
    • Bore-hole Imaging Tools (MRI, USB, FMI) 
    • Array Lateral and Array Induction Logs