Production Technology

Program Objectives

This 5-day course teaches the fundamental concepts of production engineering so that the students have the knowledge to optimize production (and injection) operations. The course starts with the basics of production engineering and covers a wide range of topics including Production from different types Reservoirs, Near-Wellbore Problems. Completion Technologies, Well Deliverability, Wellhead and Surface Gathering Systems, Well Diagnosis with Production Logging, Natural and Artificial Lift Technologies. This is a highly interactive course and includes a combination of presentations, class & team exercises, and a final class exam.
Course Outline
Day 1
  • Introduction 
  • Basic Elements of a Production System 
  • Importance of Production Engineering 
  • Units and definitions 
  • Reservoir Phase Behavior Concepts 
  • Well Inflow Performance – Introduction 
  • Production from Undersaturated Reservoirs – Introduction 
  • Transient, Steady State, Pseudosteady State Flow 
  • IPRs 
Day 2
  • Concept of Skin
  • Introduction to Horizontal Well Performance 
  • Production from Two-Phase Reservoirs 
  • IPRs for 2-phase flow 
  • Production from Gas Reservoirs 
  • Introduction to Pressure Transient Analysis 
  • Design of Well Tests – Team Exercise 
Day 3
  • Analysis of Well Tests – Basic Concepts 
  • Near-Wellbore Problems 
  • Skin components, Well perforation and skin effect. 
  • Horizontal Well damage, Formation damage mechanisms

Day 4
  • Wellbore Flow Performance 
  • Single-Phase flow – Incompressible and Compressible Fluids
  • Multiphase flow – Correlations 
  • Wellhead and Surface Gathering Systems 
  • Flowline Performance 
  • Choke Performance – Oil and gas wells 
  • Nodal Analysis 
  • Class exercise on Nodal Analysis 
    • Well Deliverability – Combining IPR and VLP 
Day 5
  • Completion Technologies 
  • Openhole completions 
  • Perforated Completions 
  • Gravel Pack Completions 
  • Introduction to Lift Technologies 
  • Final Exam