Nodal Analysis

Program Objectives

This introductory course deals with production engineering issues from the perspective of reservoir management process. Specifically, it is to enhance and optimize well production rate in some comprehensive manner. To do so, the whole well production system is analyzed using nodal analysis. The course first introduces both production and reservoir engineering issues to help the students understand well inflow performance better. In quantifying the reservoir and well interactions, it also brings in basic pressure transient analysis. Then, it considers the well outflow performance relationships. Here artificial lift methods are also considered: primarily, gas lift and electric submerged pumps (ESP). The resulting well production system is composed of the inflow part and the outflow part modified by the artificial lift method used, and the nodal analysis method is used to analyze the total system performance.
Course Outline
Day 1
  • Key issues in reservoir management process 
  • Basics in reservoir and production engineering 
  • Overview on nodal analysis of well production system
  • Well and reservoir flow coupling 
Day 2
  • Inflow performance relationships (IPR) 
  • Basic well testing 
Day 3 
  • Basic well testing
  • Outflow performance relationships

Day 4
  • Nodal analysis procedures
  • Overview on artificial lift methods 
  • Gas lift with nodal analysis 
Day 5
  • Pump-assisted lift methods 
  • Electric Submersible pumps (ESP) with nodal analysis 
  • General field operation issues 
  • Course review